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The Directory is Published By An NGO Under "SERVA MANAV VIKAS SAMITI" (Regd. Under Government of N.C.T. Delhi, Societies Registration Act 1860), with aim of the upliftment of the rural India and serving to the dairy industry at grass root level to provide the benefits of farmers, dairy farms, Plants, Consultants, along with the manufacturing industry focusing to dairy industry in India and abroad.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

List of cattle breeds:

List of cattle breeds: Taurine cattle (Bos taurus) Abondance (Dairy/beef) Adamawa (Dairy/beef/draught) Ala Tau (Dairy/beef) Albanian (Dairy/draught) Alentejana Cattle (Beef/draught) Allmogekor (Beef/draught) American White Park (Dairy/beef) Amerifax: (Dairy/beef) Anatolian Black (Dairy/draught) Angeln cattle (Dairy) Angus Cattle (Dairy/beef) Argentine Criollo (Dairy/beef) Armorican {Dairy/beef) Arouquesa Cattle (Beef/draught) Asturian Mountain (Dairy/beef) Asturian Valley (Dairy/beef) Aubrac cattle (Dairy/beef) Aulie-Atta (Dairy/beef) Aure et Saint-Girons (Dairy/beef/draught) Avileña(Beef/draught) Ayrshire(Dairy/beef) Balancer cattle (Dairy/beef) Barrosã Cattle (Beef/draught) Beef Freisan (Dairy/beef) Belgian Blue (Beef/draught) Belgian Red (Beef/draught) Berrenda (Beef/draught/sport) Betizu (Beef/draught) Blonde d'Aquitaine (Beef/draught) Black Angus ("Dairy/Beef") Blanca Cacereña(Beef/draught) Braunvieh (Dairy/beef) British Friesian (Dairy/beef) British White (Dairy/beef) Bue Lingo (Dairy/beef) Buša cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) Cachena Cattle("Dairy/beef/draught) Caldelana (Beef/draught) Camargue (Beef/draught/sport) Canadienne (Dairy/beef) Canaria (Beef/draught) Caracu (Dairy/beef/draught) Cárdena andaluza (Beef/draught) Carinthian Blondvieh (Dairy/beef/draught) Carora (Beef/dairy/draught) Chianina (Beef/draught) Charolais (Beef/draught) Corriente cattle (Dairy/beef/draught/sport) Danish Red (Dairy/beef) Devon (Dairy/beef) Dexter (Dairy/beef) Dølafe (Dairy/beef) Dulong' (Beef/draught) Dutch Belted (Dairy/beef) Dutch Friesian (Dairy/beef) Eastern Finncattle (Dairy/beef) English Longhorn (Dairy/beef) Ennstal Mountain Pied Cattle (Beef/draught) Estonian Red cattle (Dairy/beef) Finnish cattle (Dairy/beef) Fjäll or Swedish Mountain cattle (Dairy/beef) Fleckvieh (Dairy/draught) French Simmental (Dairy/beef) Galician Blond (Rubia Gallega) (Dairy/beef) Galloway cattle (beef/draught) Garvonesa Cattle (Beef/draught) Gascon cattle (Beef/draught) Gelbvieh (Dairy/beef/draught) Georgian mountain cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) German Red Pied (German Rotbunte) (Dairy/beef) Glan cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) Gloucester (Dairy/beef/draught) Greek Shorthorn (Dairy/beef) Groningen: (Dairy/beef) Hartón del Valle (Dairy/beef/draught) Harz Red mountain cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) Hinterwald Cattle (Dairy/beef) Holando-Argentino (Dairy/beef) Hungarian Grey (Beef/draught) Illawara: (Dairy/beef) Irish Moiled (Dairy/beef) Istoben cattle (Dairy/beef) Jarmelista Cattle (Beef/draught) Jutland cattle (Dairy/beef) Kalmyk (cattle) (Dairy/beef) Kazakh Whiteheaded (cattle) (Dairy/beef) Kerry cattle (Dairy/beef) Kholmogory (Dairy/beef) Kostroma Cattle (Dairy/beef) Kurgan (Dairy/beef) Latvian Brown (Dairy/beef) Levantina (Beef/draught) Limiana (Beef/draught) Limousin (Beef/draught) Limpurger: (Dairy/beef) Lithunian Red (Dairy/beef) Lourdais (Dairy/beef/draught) Maine Anjou (Dairy/beef/draught) Mantequera Leonesa (Dairy/beef/draught) Maremmana (Dairy/beef/draught) Marinhoa Cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) Maronesa (Dairy/beef/draught) Mashona (Beef/draught) Marchigiana (Beef/draught) Menorquina (Beef/draught) Mertolenga Cattle (Beef/draught) Meuse-Rhine-Issel (Dairy/beef) Milking Devon (Dairy/beef/draught) Milking Shorthorn (Dairy/beef) Minhota Cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) Mirandesa cattle (Beef/draught) Monchina (Beef/draught) Mongolian cattle (Beef/draught) Montbeliard Cattle (Dairy/beef) Morucha (Beef/draught/fighting) Murboden Cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) N'Dama (Dairy/beef) Negra Andaluza (Beef/draught) Normande Cattle (Dairy/beef) Northern Finncattle (Dairy/beef) Norwegian Red (Dairy/beef) Pajuna (Beef/draught) Palmera (Beef/draught/sport) Parda Alpina (Dairy/Beef) Parthenais (Beef/draught) Pasiega (Dairy/draught) Pembroke cattle (Dairy/beef) Philippine Native cattle (Dairy/draught) Pie Rouge des Plaines or French Lowland Red Pied (Dairy/beef) Piedmontese (Dairy/beef) Pineywoods/Florida Cracker (Dairy/beef/draught) Pinzgauer (Dairy/beef) Pirenaica (Beef/draught) Polish Red cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) Preta Cattle (Beef/draught) Qinchaun (Beef/draught) Ramo Grande (Beef/dairy/draught) Randall (Dairy/beef/draught) Rätische Grauvieh (Dairy/beef/draught) Red Poll (Dairy/beef) Red Polled Østland (Dairy/beef) Red Angus (Dairy/beef) Reina (Dairy/beef) Retinta (Beef/draught) Romagnola cattle (Beef/draught) Russian Black Pied (Dairy/beef/draught) Sahiwal (Dairy/beef) Salers (Beef/draught) Shetland cattle (Beef/draught) Shorthorn (Dairy/beef) Simmental (Dairy/beef/draught) South Devon (Dairy/beef) Swedish Red-and-White (Dairy/beef) Swedish Red Poll (Dairy/beef) Tarentaise (Dairy/beef) Telemark cattle (Dairy/beef) Toro de Lidia / Touro de Lide / Brava Cattle (Beef/sport) Tswana cattle (Dairy/beef) Tudanca (Dairy/draught) Tuli (Dairy/beef) Turkish Grey Steppe cattle (Beef/draught) Tyrolese Grey Cattle (Dairy/beef) Vaca Toposa or Vaquilla (sport) Vestland Fjord (Dairy/beef) Vorderwald Cattle (Dairy/beef) Vosges (Dairy/beef) Wagyu (Beef/draught) Western Finncattle (Dairy/beef) Western Red Polled (Dairy/beef) White Cáceres (Beef/draught) White Park (Dairy/beef) Yanbian cattle (Beef/draught) Zebu (Bos indicus) Ankole-Watusi (Dairy/beef/draught/show) African Boran(Beef/pets) Brahman (cattle) (Dairy/beef/draught) Dajal (Dairy/beef/draught) Dhanni (Dairy/beef/draught) Fulani Sudanese (Dairy/beef/draught) Gir (Dairy/beef) Gobra (Beef/draught) Gudali (Dairy/draught) Guzerat(Beef/draught) Halikar (Dairy/beef/draught) Hariana (Dairy/beef/draught) Horro (Beef/draught) Kangayam (Beef/draught) Kankrej (Beef/draught) Krishna Valley cattle (Dairy/beef;/draught) Lohani cattle (Beef/draught) Madagascar Zebu (Dairy/beef/draught) Masai cattle (Beef/draught) Nelore cattle (Beef/draught) Ongole cattle (Beef/draught) Rath (Dairy/draught/beef) Rathi (Dairy/draught/beef) Red Sindhi (Dairy/beef) Rohjan (Beef/draught) Tharparkar (Dairy/draught) Vianesa (Dairy/beef) Hybrids Afrikaner (Dairy/beef) Brahmousin: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Beef/Draft) Hybridmaster: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Dairy/beef) Israeli Red: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Dairy/beef) Jamaica Black: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Dairy/beef) Karan Swiss: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Dairy/beef) Madura cattle: Banteng/Zebu hybrid (Dairy/beef/draught/racing) Nguni: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Dairy/beef) Sanhe: Taurine/"Mongolian-type" hybrid (Dairy/beef/draught) Selembu: Cattle/gayal hybrid (Dairy/beef) Siboney: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Beef/draught) Xingjiang Brown: Taurine/"Mongolian-type" hybrid (Dairy/beef/draught

Goat Breeds:

Other Goat Breeds:Sirohi,Osmanabadi,Bengal,Changthangi,J amunapari, Malbari,Ganjam,Gaddi, Barbari,Sangamneri,Chigu 

Cattle Used for dairy:

Cattle Used for dairy: Taurine cattle (Bos taurus) Abigar Agerolese Alderney Angeln Aulie-Ata Ayrshire Belgian Red Cattle Blaarkop Black Pied Dairy Cattle Brown Swiss Burlina Chinese black pied Danish Jersey (Dairy) Danish Red and variants Dutch Belted (Lakenvelder) East Anatolian Red Évolène Cattle German Black Pied Cattle Groningen Guernsey Holstein Red Holstein Icelandic Illawarra cattle Israeli Holstein Jersey Kerry cattle Lineback Milking Shorthorn Murnau-Werdenfels Cattle Northern Shorthorn Swedish Freisan Swedish Red Cattle Ringamåla Cattle Tux Cattle Zebu (Bos indicus) Achham Butana and Kenana Red Sindhi Sahiwal Vechoor cow Hybrids Australian Friesian Sahiwal Australian Milking Zebu Jamaica Hope These breeds are primarily used for their flesh, in the production of beef. Taurine cattle (Bos taurus) Alberes Angus Aubrac cattle Asturian Mountain Australian Lowline Belgian Blue Belgian Red Belted Galloway Bazadais Black Baldy Black Hereford (breed) Black Hereford (hybrid) Blonde d'Aquitaine Blue Albion Blue Grey Braunvieh British White BueLingo Canadian Speckle Park Charolais Chiangus Chianina English Longhorn Florida Cracker Galloway German Angus Cattle Glan Cattle Greek Steppe cattle Hays Converter Hereford Highland Cattle Hungarian Grey Cattle Limousin Lincoln Red Luing Maine-Anjou cattle Devon cattle (North Devon, Devon Ruby, Red Ruby) Murray Grey Pineywoods Polled Hereford Polled Shorthorn Pustertal Pied Cattle Queensland Miniature Borans Red Angus Red Poll Riggit Galloway Romagnola RX3 Salorn Simford (Australian) Shorthorn South Devon Speckle Park cattle Square Meater Sussex cattle Tasmanian Grey Texas Longhorn Texon Vaynol cattle Wagyu Welsh Black Whitebred Shorthorn White Park Zebu (Bos indicus) Boran Brahman Indo-Brazilian Nelore Nguni cattle Ponwar Red Fulani White Fulani Hybrids Santa Gertrudis cows and calves This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.
Adaptaur: Taurine/zebu hybrid Africangus: Taurine/zebu hybrid Afrikaner: Taurine/zebu hybrid American cattle: Taurine/zebu hybrid Amerifax: Taurine/zebu hybrid Australian Braford: Taurine/zebu hybrid Australian Brangus: Taurine/zebu hybrid Australian Charbray: Taurine/zebu hybrid Balancer: Taurine/zebu hybrid Barzona: Taurine/zebu hybrid Belmont Red: Taurine/zebu hybrid Beefmaker: Taurine/zebu hybrid Beefalo: cattle/American Bison hybrid Beefmaster: Taurine/zebu hybrid Bonsmara: Taurine/zebu hybrid Brahmousin: Taurine/zebu hybrid Braford: Taurine/zebu hybrid Brangus: Taurine/zebu hybrid Canchim: Taurine/zebu hybrid Charbray: Taurine/zebu hybrid Droughtmaster: Taurine/zebu hybrid Gelbray: Taurine/zebu hybrid Greyman Cattle: Taurine/zebu hybrid Jamaica Red: Taurine/zebu hybrid Mandalong Special: Taurine/zebu hybrid Red Fulani: Taurine/zebu hybrid Red Brangus:Taurine/zebu hybrid Romosinuano Sanga: Taurine/zebu hybrid (A group of breeds) Santa Cruz cattle: Taurine/zebu hybrid Santa Gertrudis cattle: Taurine/zebu hybrid Senepol: Taurine/zebu hybrid Simbrah: Taurine/zebu hybrid Simford (Israeli Red): Taurine/zebu hybrid Symons Type: Taurine/zebu hybrid Tswana: Taurine/zebu hybrid Tuli: Taurine/zebu hybrid Tulim: Taurine/zebu hybrid Wangus: Taurine/zebu hybrid Goat Exotic Breeds in India Breeds: Anglo Nubian | British Alpine | Toggenburg | Saanen

Dairy Industries Products & Usefull

Dairy Industries Products & Usefull : Boilers,Bottling Systems, Bottling Plants,Conveyors/Sterilisers, Casein Plants,Can Scrubber/Sterilizer/Washers, Stainless Steel Milk Cans, Plastic Milk Cans,Mild Steel Cans, Cans & Can Washing Systems, Aluminium Seamless Cans, Continuous Butter Making Machines, Butter Moulding & Wrapping Machines, Butter-Making Equipment, Butter Churns/Butter Oil Making Plants, Equipment used dairy husbandry Equipment used in dairy processing Miscellaneous equipment A.I. Equipment Bulk Milk Coolers Cryogenic Containers, etc Liquid Nitrogen Plants Cattle Feed Plants Chaff Cutters Drinking Equipment Feeding Systems Herd Management Systems Milk Testing Equipment Electronic Mechanical Milking Machines/Systems Roofing Structures Air Curtains Analytical/Laboratory Equipment FRP Insulated Milk Vending Units Flooring & Tiles Gears & Gear Boxes Generator Sets Heat Storage Systems High Pressure Water Jet Cleaners Polythene Film Plants Processing: Boilers Processing: Butter Processing: Cheese Processing: Ice Cream Processing: Khoa Processing: Packaging Processing: Treatment Plant Processing: Dairy Plant Processing: Pollution Processing: Tanks Processing: UHT Plant Products: Cheese Grinders/Press/Vats C.I.P. Units Ice-Cream Plants Ice-Cream Cabinets Ice-Cream Moulds Softy Machines Khoa-Making Plants Continuous Khoa Making Equipment Lactose Plants Material Handling Equipment Milk Powder Plants Dryers (Roller/Spray) Evaporators Pre-Concentration Plants Aseptic Packaging Machines Bag Closing Machines Can Filling & Sealing Machines Embossing Machines Form Fill Seal Machines (FFS) Hi-Speed Packaging Machinery Sealing Machines Seaming Machines Shrink Wrap Machines Thermoforming Machines Vacuum Packaging Machines General Effluent Treatment Plants Ghee-Making Plants Ghee Boilers/Settling Tanks Ghee Packing Machines Dairy Plants Control Panels/Switchboards/Motors Concentration/Separation Equipment Conveyors Cream Separators Filling Machines Flow Meters Heat Exchangers Homogenisers Insects Control Systems Pasteurizers Pipes Pneumatic Blowers & Boosters Pressure Vessels Process Pumps Programmable Controllers Solar Systems Solenoid Pneumatic Valves Temperature Controllers Thermic Fluid Heaters Miscellaneous Equipment Pollution Control Plants Refrigeration Plants Chilling/Refrigeration Plants Blast Freezers Compressors Cooling Towers Deep Freezers Refrigerated Truks/Containers Milk Storage Tanks Silos Tankers (Road/Rail) GRP Silos/Tanks/Tankers UHT Plants Water Treatment Systems Weighing Equipment 

Indian Cattle Breeds

Indian Cattle Breeds :Amritmahal ,Deoni, Gaolao ,Gir, Hallikar ,Hariana, Kankrej, Khillari, Malvi, Nagori ,Nimari, Ongole, Rathi, Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, Sunandani ,Tharparkar, Karnataka, 

All India Dairy Business Directory 2010-11 - Advertisers

All India Dairy 

Advertiser's Business Listing 2010-11


Aditya Engineers D-555 A, Sector-11, Pratap Vihar, Ghaziabad-201009, Ph: 0120-2842152, Telefax: 0120-2843005, Customer Care: +91 9818111033, E-mail:, Manufacturing & supplying of filters & air curtains Products: Pre Filter, Pocket Filter, Fine Filter, Dual Filter, Very Fine Filter Absolute (HEPA) Filter
Airtech Cooling Process Pvt Ltd (Formerly Known as M/s.Airtech Engineers) (The refrigeration & air conditioning engineers), B-93, Okhla Indtrial Area Ph-2, New Delhi 110020, Ph: 01-26385711, 26385013, 26383309, Mob: 9350168995, fax: 011-41610469, Mr. Lalit Kumar, Director, Unit-I: 145-A, HSIDC, Sector-31, Faridabad, Ph: 0129-4045736, Unit No.II: 14/6 Lakhi Colony, Lakhi Shed, Sector-31, Faridabad-121002, Ph: 0129-3203552, Airtech cold rooms, Airtech cooling units.
Ample Scientific & Surgicals, No. 15-A, Road No. 2, Mundka Udyog Nagar, Mundka Extension, New Delhi-110 041, Ph: +(91)-(11)-28341234, 31306443 Fax: +(91)-(11)-28341234, Mob: 9811816123, 9868112227,, web:, Mr. Javed Khan Product: Engaged in manufacture and supply of milk testing machines, milk analyzers, fat testing machines, gerber test machines, dairy centrifuges, dairy testing machines, cream separators and milk testing centrifuges.
Baker Enterprises, 23, Bhera Enclave, Near Peera Garhi New Delhi-110 087, Ph: +(91)-(11)-25266238, Fax: +(91)-(11)-42342490 Mob: 9810038556,, Mr. Achal Tandon Manufacturers Exporters & Importers of complete range of bread plants from 2000 to 5000 loaves per day.
GEA Westfaliasurge, 253. B-33, Phase-I Mayapuri Ind. Area, New Delhi-110064, Ph: 011-45613300, Mob: 9810301729 Mr. Hitesh Mittal, Product: Products service, servicing all types of milking machines even other than our company, Milking parlour, milking machines, bulk milk cooler, dairy supplies, manure management, farm equipment for dairy farm cow, buffalo, goats and sheep
Goma Engineering Private Limited , (AD1AD2)Behind Universal Petrol Pump, Off. L. B. S. Marg, Majiwada Thane-400 601, Ph: 022- style="mso-no-proof: 21731800/21731801/21731802 Fax: 022-21731803 email:,, website: Mr. Amol Maind, Product: Providing turnkey projects for dairy, ice cream & fruit juice projects.
Goswami Group of Companies, A-2, Panchseel Colony Chippiyana Road, Lal Kuan, Ghaziabad-201 001 Registered Office: MIG-708/1, Avas Vikas Ist, Bulandshahr (UP) 203001, Ph: 0120-6471211, 2867100 Fax: 0120-2867100 Mob: 09212332711, 09219632711, Email:,, web: Mr. D.K. Goswami, Product: Supplier of all types of dairy equipment.
Indian Scientific Instruments Corporation A-1, 345, Gali No-15, Sombazar, South Gamri Ext, New Delhi-110 053 , Mr. Kailash Pawar, Mr. Shiv Kumar, Fax: 011-22943481, Mob: 9999755526, 9313046116,, Product: Mfrs & Suppliers of complete scientific instruments, pharmaceutical instruments laboratory instruments, glass ware & chemicals, hospoital furniture, medical equipments, electric & electronic equipment
Jaiwal Engineering Works, C-16, Sector-7, Noida-201301, Ph: 0120-2425050, Mob: 9811427176, 9350103165 Fax: 0120-2425050, email:,, contact: V.K.Sharma, Proprietor, Products: Dairy Fittings, Reality show state structure, homogenizer pumps & valves, plate heat exchangers, ss valves & fittings, sheet metal components, spray technology spline rolling racks, architectural beauty structure
Mahesh Eng. Works, 1-Modi Estate, Near Mahakali Temple Dudheshwar Road Ahmedabad-380004, Ph: 079-25626688, Mob: 9825336443,, website: Mr. Harjivanbhai R. Panchal (Proprietor), we are leading manufacturers & exporters of “MILKY” brand cream separator machines, milk fat testing equipment butter churner, milking machine, milk can, milk analyzer, ghee clarifier, bulk milk cooler, milk pump, road milk tanker, can scrubber, mango pulper machine milk storate tank, pasteurizer, homogenizer, aging vat, batch freezer, continues freezer, khowa machine, stirrer, industrial valve etc.
New Dairy Engineering & Trading Company Pvt. Ltd. B-8/5, Badli Industrial Estate, Phase-I, Delhi-110042, Ph: 011-27855765, 27857109, Fax: 011-27855030, email:, web: Mr. H. S. Chadha (Managing Director), Product: Manufacturer & exporter of milk fat tester, dairy equipments, fat tester, cream separator, hand operated cream separator, milk analyzer, emt with inbuilt data processor, mega netco automatic milk analyzer lactoscope,

New Era Dairy Engineers (India) Pvt. Ltd., B-68, Sector-64 Noida-201301, Ph: 0120-4549160-161, Mob: 9810396782 Fax: 0120-4549159, Mr. S.P.Chaudhary, Works: 87-c & 97-B, Shiva Ganga Industrial Estate, Village Lakeshri- Bhagwanpur, Tehsil.Roorkie, Dist.Haridwar Uttarakhand, Ph: 01332-235344, Product: we undertake projects on turnkey basis, Dairy Plants: - spray dryer, evaporators milk processing equipments, curd cheese & paneer plants, khoa lassi & ice cream plants, road milk tankers, automatic C.I.P.Plants, milk silo, mini dairy plants ghee boiler, continuous butter melting unit, milk processing plants-1KL to 100KL/day, malted milk food plant, rail milk tankers, batch pasteurizer, milk chillers-plate type, triple jacketed vessel fat separation equipment, heat exchanger-shell & tube type, pressure vessel atomizer-disc & nozzle type, vibro screen, Non Dairy Plants: -Waste water evaporator, non-dairy edible cream plants, juice concentraion plant beer/distillation plants, Tomato Powder Plant, egg powder plant, Mineral water plant, reactors, refrigeration plants, hot water generation plant.
N-tek Services, #16-11-16/A/78, Afzalnagar Saleem Nagar Colony, Malakpet, Hyderabad-500036, Ph: 040-24547702, Fax: 040-24547702, Mob: 09849025390, Contact: Mr. Nazar, Email:,, Product: wood fired hot water generator for cans cleaning, wood coal fired hot water generator.
Omega IceHill Pvt Ltd., Regd. & Head Office: 39, 1st Floor, Raghu Shree Market, Ajmeri Gate Delhi-110006, Ph: 01-23232619, 23239513, email:, website: Product: Heat Transfer Technology for falling film chillers, dynamic ice makers ice banks, heat exchangers for chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, wine, beer and other industries.
PBS Electronics, 10, Dattani 5 A, Shivaji Road, Kandivali (W) Mumbai – 400067, Ph: 022-28642832 32939718, 28646129, Mob: +91 93222 99792, +91 9821352245, Email:,, Web:, Mr. Prakash Shah, Product: Exclusive distributor of “Yuanan Products. Provides various valves to meet different applications used in Beverages, Food, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, beer & Chemical Industries.
Qucon Pressure Parts (P) Ltd., #16-11-16/A/78, Afzalnagar Saleem Nagar Colony, Malakpet Hyderabad-500036, Ph: 040-24547702, Fax: 040-24547702, Mob: 09849025390 Contact: Mr. Nazar, Email:, Product: IBR Steam Boilers, IBR Economisers, Thermic Fluid Heaters, Mechanical Multiclone Dust Collectors Centrifugal Blowers, (ID/FD Fans), Turnkey Projects, After Sales Services.
R.S.Enterprises, Plot No.A-23, Shiv Colony, Near Shiv Mandhir, Palla No. 1, Faridabad-121003, Ph: 0129-2256281, 2273144, Mob: 9810557249, 9716157712, Email:, Web:, Mr Rajan Singh product: fuldized bed for husk furnace, crasher for petcok grinding, fuldized bed for petcok furnace, skew feeder, fire bricks IS-8, fire bricks high temperature
Shachi Engineering Pvt. Ltd., 7, Brilliant Chambers, 84, Mayur Colony, Kothrud Pune-411038, Ph: 020-25433786, 25469849 25465749, Mob: 9822019088, Fax: 020-25433786,, website:, Mr. M.S.Shanbhag M.D, Product: Nauta mixer/conical blender, low power consumption, high mixintg accuracy, homogenous mixing, capacity range from 600 litres to 20000 liters, industial dryers and spray dryers, evaporator, turnkey projects.
Sri Pumps Mfg. Co. , Plot No: 89-18-45, Morumpudi Junction, Rajamundry -533103, Ph: 0883-2426845, 3256668 2462990, 3256663, 4, 7, 2426846, 47, Mob: 9440868551, Fax: 0883-2430819, 24681118, email:, web:, Mr. Kirti Kothari (Managing Partner) Product: Products manufacturing and exporting pumps, valves, dairy valves, ball valves, pipe fittings, dairy equipments strainers, pipes, tubes, flanges, bends, unions, clamps, plug, butterfly
Swastik Enterprises, 89-18-50, Hindustan Compound, Morampudi Road Rajahmundry-533103, Ph: 0883-2463658/3090342, Fax 0883-2463659, Mob: 9440176475, 9490186670 9390235009,, Mr.Kanaka Raj Mfrers. of Reception, Processing Equipment Refrigeration Equipment, Tankers & Silos, Bulk Cooler, Can/Crate Washers Conveyors, Autoclaves; Product Making Machines for Butter, Ghee, Cheese Flavoured Milk & Lassy, Shrikhand.
Tavron Engineers, AF1, Aishwarayam, 25-A, Redhills Road, Kolathur Chennai-600099, Ph: 044-25567211 42866905, Mob: 9444015442, website:, Mr. S. D. Samuel (Proprietor) Works: 38-42, Arul Murugan Nagar, Vichoor Post, Near Infant Jesus church, Manali New Town, Chennai-600103, Ph: 044-32916230, Product: SS Centrifugal Pump, Plate heat Exchangers falling film evaporator, spray dryer, SS Tanks, milk cooling tanks-DX Type Turnkey Projects: Milk, Cream, Ice Cream, Cheese, Milk Powder.
Tool Tech, No.21, C. I. E. Gandhi Nager Bala Nagar, Hyderabad-500 037, Ph: +91-40-65271840 23081849 Fax: +91-40-23083366, Mob: 9849015365,, Mr. George V. Thomas Product: Exporting and manufacturing of food processing plants, dairy equipment, drinking water plant and mineral water plant, packaged drinking water plant, RO water treatment plant, turn key liquid milk dairy plants, drinking water filtering plant.
Trinitron Indprojects, (Srivinayak The engineering Solutions) S.No.58/1/1, Hari Narayan Complex, Flat No. A-9, Off. Mumbai Bangalore Highway Near Trimurti Dhaba, Vadgaon Bk, Pune, Mob: 9850503475, 9422076306, 9665098150, Ph: 020-24358432, 24358433 Mr. Ravindrra Kulkarrni Proprietor, Product: specialised in complete set of powder plants (spray dryers) (upto 30 tons/fsy powder production capacity, indirect/direct fired hot air generators, steam heaters, rotary disc atomizers, upgradation/maintenance & replacement of powder plant equpments falling film evaporators, spares for rotary disc atomizers, trouble shooting services forspray ryers (powder plants) & falling film evaportors, specialised SS sieves for fluidized bed dryers of powder plants
Unique Dosing Systems, Office: N-8/E/2/14/1, Hanuman Chowk, New CIDCO, Nashik-422009 Plot No. 69, 375, S.I.C.O.F MIDC, Satpur Nashik-422 007, Ph: 3042535 Fax: +(91)-(253)-6604110, Mob: 9822420535,, Mr. Mahendra Kasar, Product: Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of food pumps, food transfer pumps, shrikhand transfer pumps, industrial transfer pumps chemical transfer pumps, ghee transfer pumps and milk transfer pumps along with dosing pump and plunger metering pumps.
Ved Engineering, B-38, Sector-60 Noida-201301, Ph: 0120-2580507, 2584659, 3915542-43 Mob: 9350545986 9350545996 Fax: 0120-2580815, 3915544, Mr. M.C.Chawla, Product: Manufacturer & exporter of plate heat exchangers plate heat exchanger, ss centrifugal pumps, cooker, milk pasteurizers, bulk milk coolers, cup filling machines, fruits & vegetable washers and more
Venture Steel Pvt. Ltd., C-57, MIDC, Baramati Pune 411001, Ph: 243686, 660677 Fax: (2112)-244515 Mob: 9422342297, 9422342297, 9011025645 Product: Manufacturer and supplier of milk processing plant, milk tanker, road milk tanker and insulated van. Also offers bulk milk coolers and cold stabs. Also offers turnkey projects for various dairy and food processing processes.
Vino Technical Services, 14- M.G.R. Nagar, S.I.H.S.Colony, Coimbatore-641014, Ph: 0422-2272559, 6544976, Mob: 9994435261, 9994435262, email:,, web:, Contact: Mr.Packiaraj, Product: Manufacturers of homogenizer for milk, ice cream, fruit juice, chocolate, pharmaceutical, fruit jam, and chemical industry, Brand: Smart.


Anik Industries Ltd, 201, Mahakosh House, Nath Mandhir Road, Indore-452001 Ph: 0731-4017233/2527649, Mob: 9826030108 Fax: 91-731-4065023,, Mr.Ashok Phadnis Product: Manufacturer & exporter of dairy whitener, dairy products, saurabh Pure Ghee (clarified Butter), anik Pure Ghee (clarified Butter), skimmed Milk Powder, saurabh skimmed Milk Powder.
Anik Industries Ltd, 24/24, Rahul Appartments Ansari Road , Daryaganj New Delhi-110002, Ph: 011-23260810, Mob: 9868806906 Mr.Salil Srivastava, Add2: Dairy Complex, Kasganj Road Etah-207001, Ph: 91-5742-233213, 233362, 234974, 91-11-26180872/763, Mob: 9412734337, Mr.Y.M. Sharma, Product: Mfrs. Anik Ghee, Milk Powder and other Milk products skimmed Milk, infant cereals Ghee, dairy whitener, infants Milk formula
Indian Dairy, Regd Office; WZ-56/A, Sri Nagar, Shakur Basti Street No.1, Delhi-110034, Corporate Office: WZ-598/C, Opp. Ram Mandir, Shree Nagar, Enclave, Ranibagh, New Delhi-110 034 Ph: 011-27182857, 27103229, Fax No.27187246, email:, website:, Product: Manufacturers and exporters of Milk and dairy products like skimmed Milk Powder, dairy whitener, white Butter, Pure cheese skimmed Milk, malted Milk Powder, desi Ghee, lactose, casein, Milk cream, malted Powder, demineral iced whey Powder.
Sabari Ayyappa Dairy Farms, 31, Lakshmi Complex, Cross Cut Road, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore-641012, Ph: 0422-2231036, Mob: 09894095090.9344899906, TeleFax: 0422-3919036, Web:, Email:,, Products: Cheddar, , Mozzarella, Pizza Processed cheese, Slice cheese, Butter, Ghee.


Stitchwell Qualitex, A-11, Sector-57,   Noida-201307,   Ph: 0120-2581381/2581301, Mr.Dinesh Sud, Mob: 9811052326, Fax: 91-120-2581301 email:, Products manufacturing and exporting packaging machinery, bag closing machines, weighing bagging machines,   conveyors, lorry loaders.
Vikaash Packaging, AI-118/19, 8th main road, Anna Nagar Chennai-600040, Ph: 044-42171271, 26201703, Mob: 9841036357, 9841619357, Product: automatic & semi-automatic cup fill and seal machine, linear and rotary type machine, Brand: Vikaash Pack


Aayam Herbal & Research Industries, 563/7, Raja Park, Jaipur, Ph: 0141-2621867, 2621941, Mr.R.K.Vohra, Mob: 9829000096 email: Product: Yuna-O’range, Certified organic(natural) sanitizer and preservative.
Bhartiya Bootee Bhawan, An ISO 9001: 2000 & GMP Certified company, Sister Cocern: Hervet International (P) Limited, Opp. Bus Stand, Ambala Road Saharanpur-UP Ph: 91-132-2644392, Mob: 9760022331 Fax: 91-132-2664968, Mr. Rishabh Agarwal, Product: Products manufacturing and exporting, ayurvedic medicines, herbal animal health care products, ayurvedic veterinary products feed supplemen supplements, Brand: HERMINSA, COFGO, AFRON, HANCO, HERCAL.
Kemin Nutritional Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. , The Trapezium No. 39, Second Floor Nelson Manickam Road Chennai-600029, Ph: 044-42202800/42202849 Fax: 044-42202810, M anufacturing and exporting, feed additives, animal foods, Products: EnterFat, ChromelLACT, Silage Savor, ReproMIN.
Natural Remedies, Plot No. 5B, Veerasandra Industrial Area 19th K.M. Stone, Hosur Road, Electronic City (Post), Bangalore-560100, Ph: 080-40209999, Fax: 080-4020 9817,, Product: animal health care products like Natural Batisa, Rumipro, Involon, Bucofert & Bucomin E, Topicure Stenot, Zigbo, Milk It, Tyrel, Natcof, Wisprec.
Neospark drugs and chemicals pvt. Ltd., Corporate Centre, 241, B.L. Bagh Panjagutta, Hyderabad-500082, Ph: Ph: 040-23408234/23416725/23409325, Fax: 040-23411806, Dr. V. S. Prasad (Chief Executive Officer), Product: Neosplark is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of veterinary pharmaceutical formulations Biosecurity Formulations, Biotechnology Formulations, Feed Supplement Formulations and Premixes to consistently meet the requirements of various levels of production systems in Livestock, Poultry & Aquaculture Sectors.


Gujarat Ambuja Exports Limited , Ambuja Tower", Opp. Memnagar Fire Station, Post Navjivan, Ahmedabad 380014, Gujarat India, Ph: 079-26423316, 26405535, Fax: 079-26423079 Mob: 9825804309, 9825804310, Email:,, Products: Soya, Maize Prodicts, Cotton seed, Ground Nut, Palm, Rapessed Wheat, Coconut, Castor, Sesame, etc.

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