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The Directory is Published By An NGO Under "SERVA MANAV VIKAS SAMITI" (Regd. Under Government of N.C.T. Delhi, Societies Registration Act 1860), with aim of the upliftment of the rural India and serving to the dairy industry at grass root level to provide the benefits of farmers, dairy farms, Plants, Consultants, along with the manufacturing industry focusing to dairy industry in India and abroad.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

List of cattle breeds:

List of cattle breeds: Taurine cattle (Bos taurus) Abondance (Dairy/beef) Adamawa (Dairy/beef/draught) Ala Tau (Dairy/beef) Albanian (Dairy/draught) Alentejana Cattle (Beef/draught) Allmogekor (Beef/draught) American White Park (Dairy/beef) Amerifax: (Dairy/beef) Anatolian Black (Dairy/draught) Angeln cattle (Dairy) Angus Cattle (Dairy/beef) Argentine Criollo (Dairy/beef) Armorican {Dairy/beef) Arouquesa Cattle (Beef/draught) Asturian Mountain (Dairy/beef) Asturian Valley (Dairy/beef) Aubrac cattle (Dairy/beef) Aulie-Atta (Dairy/beef) Aure et Saint-Girons (Dairy/beef/draught) Avileña(Beef/draught) Ayrshire(Dairy/beef) Balancer cattle (Dairy/beef) Barrosã Cattle (Beef/draught) Beef Freisan (Dairy/beef) Belgian Blue (Beef/draught) Belgian Red (Beef/draught) Berrenda (Beef/draught/sport) Betizu (Beef/draught) Blonde d'Aquitaine (Beef/draught) Black Angus ("Dairy/Beef") Blanca Cacereña(Beef/draught) Braunvieh (Dairy/beef) British Friesian (Dairy/beef) British White (Dairy/beef) Bue Lingo (Dairy/beef) Buša cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) Cachena Cattle("Dairy/beef/draught) Caldelana (Beef/draught) Camargue (Beef/draught/sport) Canadienne (Dairy/beef) Canaria (Beef/draught) Caracu (Dairy/beef/draught) Cárdena andaluza (Beef/draught) Carinthian Blondvieh (Dairy/beef/draught) Carora (Beef/dairy/draught) Chianina (Beef/draught) Charolais (Beef/draught) Corriente cattle (Dairy/beef/draught/sport) Danish Red (Dairy/beef) Devon (Dairy/beef) Dexter (Dairy/beef) Dølafe (Dairy/beef) Dulong' (Beef/draught) Dutch Belted (Dairy/beef) Dutch Friesian (Dairy/beef) Eastern Finncattle (Dairy/beef) English Longhorn (Dairy/beef) Ennstal Mountain Pied Cattle (Beef/draught) Estonian Red cattle (Dairy/beef) Finnish cattle (Dairy/beef) Fjäll or Swedish Mountain cattle (Dairy/beef) Fleckvieh (Dairy/draught) French Simmental (Dairy/beef) Galician Blond (Rubia Gallega) (Dairy/beef) Galloway cattle (beef/draught) Garvonesa Cattle (Beef/draught) Gascon cattle (Beef/draught) Gelbvieh (Dairy/beef/draught) Georgian mountain cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) German Red Pied (German Rotbunte) (Dairy/beef) Glan cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) Gloucester (Dairy/beef/draught) Greek Shorthorn (Dairy/beef) Groningen: (Dairy/beef) Hartón del Valle (Dairy/beef/draught) Harz Red mountain cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) Hinterwald Cattle (Dairy/beef) Holando-Argentino (Dairy/beef) Hungarian Grey (Beef/draught) Illawara: (Dairy/beef) Irish Moiled (Dairy/beef) Istoben cattle (Dairy/beef) Jarmelista Cattle (Beef/draught) Jutland cattle (Dairy/beef) Kalmyk (cattle) (Dairy/beef) Kazakh Whiteheaded (cattle) (Dairy/beef) Kerry cattle (Dairy/beef) Kholmogory (Dairy/beef) Kostroma Cattle (Dairy/beef) Kurgan (Dairy/beef) Latvian Brown (Dairy/beef) Levantina (Beef/draught) Limiana (Beef/draught) Limousin (Beef/draught) Limpurger: (Dairy/beef) Lithunian Red (Dairy/beef) Lourdais (Dairy/beef/draught) Maine Anjou (Dairy/beef/draught) Mantequera Leonesa (Dairy/beef/draught) Maremmana (Dairy/beef/draught) Marinhoa Cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) Maronesa (Dairy/beef/draught) Mashona (Beef/draught) Marchigiana (Beef/draught) Menorquina (Beef/draught) Mertolenga Cattle (Beef/draught) Meuse-Rhine-Issel (Dairy/beef) Milking Devon (Dairy/beef/draught) Milking Shorthorn (Dairy/beef) Minhota Cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) Mirandesa cattle (Beef/draught) Monchina (Beef/draught) Mongolian cattle (Beef/draught) Montbeliard Cattle (Dairy/beef) Morucha (Beef/draught/fighting) Murboden Cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) N'Dama (Dairy/beef) Negra Andaluza (Beef/draught) Normande Cattle (Dairy/beef) Northern Finncattle (Dairy/beef) Norwegian Red (Dairy/beef) Pajuna (Beef/draught) Palmera (Beef/draught/sport) Parda Alpina (Dairy/Beef) Parthenais (Beef/draught) Pasiega (Dairy/draught) Pembroke cattle (Dairy/beef) Philippine Native cattle (Dairy/draught) Pie Rouge des Plaines or French Lowland Red Pied (Dairy/beef) Piedmontese (Dairy/beef) Pineywoods/Florida Cracker (Dairy/beef/draught) Pinzgauer (Dairy/beef) Pirenaica (Beef/draught) Polish Red cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) Preta Cattle (Beef/draught) Qinchaun (Beef/draught) Ramo Grande (Beef/dairy/draught) Randall (Dairy/beef/draught) Rätische Grauvieh (Dairy/beef/draught) Red Poll (Dairy/beef) Red Polled Østland (Dairy/beef) Red Angus (Dairy/beef) Reina (Dairy/beef) Retinta (Beef/draught) Romagnola cattle (Beef/draught) Russian Black Pied (Dairy/beef/draught) Sahiwal (Dairy/beef) Salers (Beef/draught) Shetland cattle (Beef/draught) Shorthorn (Dairy/beef) Simmental (Dairy/beef/draught) South Devon (Dairy/beef) Swedish Red-and-White (Dairy/beef) Swedish Red Poll (Dairy/beef) Tarentaise (Dairy/beef) Telemark cattle (Dairy/beef) Toro de Lidia / Touro de Lide / Brava Cattle (Beef/sport) Tswana cattle (Dairy/beef) Tudanca (Dairy/draught) Tuli (Dairy/beef) Turkish Grey Steppe cattle (Beef/draught) Tyrolese Grey Cattle (Dairy/beef) Vaca Toposa or Vaquilla (sport) Vestland Fjord (Dairy/beef) Vorderwald Cattle (Dairy/beef) Vosges (Dairy/beef) Wagyu (Beef/draught) Western Finncattle (Dairy/beef) Western Red Polled (Dairy/beef) White Cáceres (Beef/draught) White Park (Dairy/beef) Yanbian cattle (Beef/draught) Zebu (Bos indicus) Ankole-Watusi (Dairy/beef/draught/show) African Boran(Beef/pets) Brahman (cattle) (Dairy/beef/draught) Dajal (Dairy/beef/draught) Dhanni (Dairy/beef/draught) Fulani Sudanese (Dairy/beef/draught) Gir (Dairy/beef) Gobra (Beef/draught) Gudali (Dairy/draught) Guzerat(Beef/draught) Halikar (Dairy/beef/draught) Hariana (Dairy/beef/draught) Horro (Beef/draught) Kangayam (Beef/draught) Kankrej (Beef/draught) Krishna Valley cattle (Dairy/beef;/draught) Lohani cattle (Beef/draught) Madagascar Zebu (Dairy/beef/draught) Masai cattle (Beef/draught) Nelore cattle (Beef/draught) Ongole cattle (Beef/draught) Rath (Dairy/draught/beef) Rathi (Dairy/draught/beef) Red Sindhi (Dairy/beef) Rohjan (Beef/draught) Tharparkar (Dairy/draught) Vianesa (Dairy/beef) Hybrids Afrikaner (Dairy/beef) Brahmousin: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Beef/Draft) Hybridmaster: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Dairy/beef) Israeli Red: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Dairy/beef) Jamaica Black: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Dairy/beef) Karan Swiss: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Dairy/beef) Madura cattle: Banteng/Zebu hybrid (Dairy/beef/draught/racing) Nguni: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Dairy/beef) Sanhe: Taurine/"Mongolian-type" hybrid (Dairy/beef/draught) Selembu: Cattle/gayal hybrid (Dairy/beef) Siboney: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Beef/draught) Xingjiang Brown: Taurine/"Mongolian-type" hybrid (Dairy/beef/draught


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